Who We Are

Rich Gilliam (CEO & Founder)

About Us

STEM Plug believes in advancing STEM education, igniting an entrepreneurial spirit and building brains beyond books.

Here, we appreciate that sound knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is key to researching and developing innovative solutions for the common good of humanity.

It is, therefore, no doubt that STEM education promotes vital skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, besides nurturing basic arithmetic and science principles as well as the foundational use of computers and applications. These skills have been an advantage to possess and continue to be necessary in the modern world as we transition through the digital age. Above all, the STEM field is a fun, interesting hub of knowledge that lets us explore and understand the world – and that is what STEM Plug is all about.

Founded by Rich Gilliam, who resides in North Carolina and a Robotic Engineer by profession, STEM Plug aims to develop minds into becoming leaders and innovators of tomorrow. The end goal is to use STEM to enhance both the professional and social development in addition to increasing employment opportunities. It is in this vision that Rich Gilliam authored an international best-selling children’s book titled Diversed in STEM. The book aims to encourage children from disadvantaged communities about the world of possibilities that come with a career in STEM combined with confidence and hard work.

In advocating for education, the STEM Plug platform aspires to be a knowledge and resource hub for all things STEM. The website will continually host a rich catalog of information and resources, including blogs, books, researched content, online courses, and curriculums that inspire your creativity, potential, and purpose. In addition, the website will offer access to the public speaking events and consulting from Rich Gilliam. STEM Plug’s forums are skillfully designed to spread and celebrate the fun and opportunities that come with STEM-backed professions.

At the heart of it all, STEM Plug aims to be a source of hope and growth to families and communities around the world.

Our Mission

To promote STEM literacy through access, resources, and quality education.

The importance of furthering access to STEM related resources cannot be overstated. The future of young entrepreneurs will be defined by their ability to navigate and adapt to the ever changing STEM landscape. Facilitating this growth is at the heart of STEM Plug’s mission.

Our Vision

Empower young people to be change-makers through STEM and become the next generation of leaders with the confidence and mindset to impact the world positively.



Core Values

Empowerment – We believe in an empowered society that is independent. As such, we take pride in the extended benefits of sharing STEM knowledge with you. By showcasing the opportunities that come forth through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, we trust that the community and incoming generations will enjoy and benefit from the fruits of this knowledge.

Accessibility – we continue to expand the avenues in which we spread the wonderful benefits of STEM. Through the website platform, speaking forums, consultancy services, and books, we endear to be as accessible as possible and guarantee that we are always available to engage with you. You can also find us through our social media handles.

Results-oriented – STEM Plug is committed to positively impacting a student’s life from early school life all the way into their career. We adopt highly effective content, holistic professional development, and consulting services that set you up for a life of success and fulfillment. We advocate for comprehensive STEM development that focuses on learning and fun while imparting the skills required to live, work and contribute to society.